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RAW (Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood):

For years, the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami has seen a renaissance in arts, culture, and development, and with these rapid changes and international hype, many long-standing institutions have been overlooked. This project seeks to begin a conversation and a process that bridges the old and new Wynwood through the very medium that has given it its newfound fame.

Jose de Diego Middle School is nestled in the Northwest corner of Wynwood, next to another veteran institution, the Bakehouse Arts Complex. As a public Title I school with just under 700 students, its funding for any arts program has long been gutted. The juxtaposition of the building's towering whitewashed walls with the adjacent maze of vibrant Wynwood murals is immediately apparent.

The proposed project, headed by the Wynwood Arts District Association in partnership with, would bring together a coalition of non-profits, organizations, corporate partners, businesses, City agencies, artists, musicians, and the JDD staff and administration. The common goal would not only be to bring color and inspiration to the walls of the school, but also launch a long term fundraising campaign during the week of Art Basel. With a goal of $500,000. These funds would be used to support the creation of an arts and music magnet program at JDD.


Here's what the press has to say about RAW

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

The event being planned for JDD Middle during Art Basel is big and very inclusive. It starts, of course, with art. The school itself will be used as a venue. Starting around November 25, the walls of the school will be painted by an army of international and local artists.

The Huffington Post

Miami New Times

...gathering artists and donors to reach a $500,000 goal that would ultimately give JDD Middle an arts staff. Artists will paint the building at night starting around November 25 until Art Basel, when a fundraising event on December 2 will showcase the work completed and feature live music and a raffle to win art and merchandise.

The Miami Herald

Miami Herald

The makeover all started with a teacher’s idea. Catalina Hidalgo is a four-year veteran at Jose de Diego whose neighborhood roots run decades deep. Her mother once attended the school where Hidalgo now coaches science teachers, and her aunt has lived in the neighborhood from the time it was known more for Puerto Rican culture than for hipsters.



As artists and developers have discovered Wynwood, a disconnect has emerged between the upscale newcomers and the Puerto Rican and African-American residents who have long lived there. This project is a small step in an effort to begin bridging that gap.



Tucked away from the main arteries in the heart of Wynwood was the Reimagaing Arts In Wynwood or RAW Project. A massive public art project that started when a teacher and a few locals got together to create help add a unique perspective into the minds of 700 students by transforming Jose D. Diego Middle School with over 70 murals painted in just a few short weeks time.


Our partners include:

  • Wynwood Map
  • Wynwood Art District Association
  • Bakehouse Art Complex
  • U-doodle
  • Spinello
  • Fontaine
  • Prmary Projects
  • Product 81
  • Gregg Sheinbaum
  • Suviche
  • Wynwood Life
  • Branded Arts
  • Branded Arts


Many thanks to the artists involved for the time and effort they have contributed to make this project a reality. They include:

  • David Walker

    David Walker

  • Hoxxoh


  • Pixel Pancho

    Pixel Pancho

  • Anthony Lister

    Anthony Lister

  • RYCA


  • D*Face


  • Axel Void

    Axel Void

  • 2Alas

    2 Alas

  • Jaz


  • aholsniffsglue


  • dotdotdot

    Dot Dot Dot

  • Fin DAC

    Fin DAC

  • Txemy




  • Trek 6

    Trek 6

  • Kazilla


  • Don Rimx

    Don Rimx

  • Leza One

    Leza One

  • Reka One

    Reka One



  • Diana Contreras

    Diana Contreras

  • Luis Berros

    Luis Berros

  • FL.Mingo


  • Shark Toof

    Shark Toof

  • Typoe


  • Santiago Rubino

    Santiago Rubino

  • Magnus Sodamin

    Magnus Sodamin

  • Madsteez


  • AM


  • Pastel FD

    Pastel FD

  • Lebo


  • Tava


  • Tubs


  • Makatron


  • Martin Whatson

    Martin Whatson

  • Never 2501

    Never 2501

  • Kraser


  • Jose Mertz

    Jose Mertz

  • Bik-Ismo


  • Alex Senna

    Alex Senna

  • Marisol Medina

    Marisol Medina

  • Nychos


  • Kai


  • MTO


  • Seth Globepainter

    Seth Globepainter

  • Kyle Holbrook

    Kyle Holbrook

  • Muro


  • Jufe


  • Word to Mother

    Word to Mother

  • Buff Monster

    Buff Monster

  • Elle


  • MRKA


Launch Event:

We will be hosting a launch event at Jose de Diego Middle School and the Bakehouse Art Complex on Tuesday, December 2nd from 6-9PM. The event will allow members of the public to tour the school's courtyard and exterior to view the pieces that have been completed so far. There will also be a cocktail reception and silent auction at the Bakehouse next door to the school where you will have the opportunity to purchase pieces from the artists involved in the project.

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